Peer Intervision

I train groups of professionals in creating a learning environment in which they can broaden their perspective on cases they encounter in their work. Also they think about and choose solutions or a way to encounter a situation at work. Peer intervision is a form of expertise development. It’s action learning’, learning by gaining insight in problems/questions they encounter in their work.

In 3 sessions of 2 hours they learn to:

  • Create a safe and structured learning environment in which they help each other gain insight in the problems they encounter at their work;
  • Formulate their case question clear and compact;
  • Ask each other inspiring questions;
  • Use inspiring methods for problemsolving and reflection;
  • Continue peer intervision sessions independently.

The sessions stimulate thinking and vision and give energy.
PhD Student

Very useful and efficient sessions which lead to our independence in such a short time.’
PhD Student